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Owner and Builder Clark Edwards has nearly 30 years of experience making dream homes a reality.

Clark has had a passion for building since his childhood. Growing up, he spent his summers working on job sites and learning the skills it takes to build a quality home.

In 1996, Clark obtained a degree in Construction Science from the University of Oklahoma. After graduation, he moved to Austin, Texas, and worked as a builder for Streetman Homes. This mentorship opportunity gave Clark six years of learning the ins and outs of building the best quality custom homes.

Born and raise in Northwest Oklahoma, Clark moved his family back to Enid and launched Edwards Custom Homes.

For almost 20 years, Edwards Custom Homes has brought affordable luxury to the Northwest Oklahoma area, bringing your perfect custom home to life. Over the years, Clark has built strong relationships with local craftsmen, tradesmen, and vendors. This helps save you money in the construction process, while building a quality home that is an investment for generations to come.

"Before our selection of a builder, we got references. Clark had outstanding local reference - we were even able to view some of the homes he had built - incredible quality workmanship. Clark selects the very best contractors, masons, cabinet, plumbing, concrete, dirt work, painters, dry wall, flooring - all the very best. He also has an awesome project manager (John) that oversees all of the work, and well, John is just an exceptional builder. The home was built in 9-10 months as scheduled. The costs were spot on - maybe a variance of less than 1%; which is quite astounding, particularly with the recent price fluctuations. The cost savings were enormous - as he timed the lumber purchase right before a price spike. He saw that spike coming and rushed that part of the build - a 25k savings. The "custom" part of his business name, really means - CUSTOM. We selected the blue prints online, and gave them to him, and his team built exactly to specifications. The beauty was in the conversion from an architect set of drawings to the actual engineering build, because his team was able to access on the spot improvements and apply them. At the end of the build I was going to contract our a 3-acre fence build, pretty specific, horse fence, six board, wire into the ground. I ran that by Clark first, and he said "let me build it". Perfect. That cost was under a normal fence contract and the fence is, well, just incredible. Bottom line - price was within 1% variance, build was on time, quality was exceptional. Highly recommend Clark Edwards."

- Bryan & Brenda

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